Our church community comes together in many ways to support and fund the Brigade program, and we try to keep the program affordable with donations, community volunteers, and generous scholarships. We strongly believe parent volunteer time is a critical piece of that support.

Our Sunday School Program is free.

Annual fee

The Saturday Brigade Program involves an annual fee of $50 to cover uniforms (a T-shirt), field trips, meals, and educational materials. The program runs from September to June.

After School

The Afterschool Brigade Program charges a fee of $30 per month to cover meals, music classes, and other expenses, although the actual cost of running the program is approximately $200 a month. The balance is covered by Grace Chapel scholarships made possible through donations and grants.

Scholarships & Donations

Families who cannot afford the fees may apply for additional scholarships by contacting the office.

To help us keep costs affordable, we ask that parents donate and volunteer to the Brigade, which allows us to continue to offer high-quality programs. Parents of Brigade students are expected to:

Volunteer five hours per month during meeting times.
Provide one meal per month for 30 students
Help with planned fundraising events.

Youth Leaders

Youth Leaders may have the fees waived if they sign a contract showing their commitment to volunteer at least five hours per week. This will usually mean two hours on Sunday, two hours on Saturday, and one hour of community service as part of the After-school Program. Regular fees apply if leaders do not fulfill the five-hour obligation.

Payment should be made to the Grace Chapel Brockton.