About us

Brigade Youth Program Overview

The Brigade guides your children in their Christian journey to become moral, spiritual, and successful adults. In partnership with parents, we coordinate with educational, spiritual and community leaders to help each child shine his or her brightest in this world.

The Brigade is an interdenominational, multicultural, and multiracial organization that welcomes children and teens of all faiths and cultures. We promote the Christian values of love, discipline, and spirituality by offering your children one-on-one mentorship, after-school homework help, volunteer opportunities, civic engagement and enrichment programs such as sports, spiritual studies, marching band and music.

Our goal is to support each child with his or her own specially designed Individualized, Educational, Spiritual and Social Plan (IESSP), to encourage each child to discover his or her own path to fulfillment and success.

Our program offers your children a haven from the stresses of poverty, violence, hunger, and fear, providing a safe environment where youngsters can explore, achieve, and develop respect for themselves and others.