The Brigade Youth Program Van will be available for morning and afternoon transportation to Brigade children and their families attending the South Shore Charter Public School in Norwell, MA beginning from January 2019.  Grace Chapel understands that by providing this transportation it is fostering and extending to the community a place belonging which our youth program has already established. We are also complementing the efforts of parents in making sure that our children have a safe trip back and forth School.

The Van called The Helper can seat 16 15 passengers plus the driver.

Registration: Parents who inquire are required to complete a detailed registration form found at the bottom of this page. 

Pick Up and Drop Off Arrangement

7.00 am Drop Off: Morning drop off location will be in the First Evangelical Lutheran Church parking lot; 900 Main St. Brockton MA 02301. Parents are responsible for bringing their children to this location at 7 am and sign them into the log. The Van will leave the parking lot by 7:10 am. 

4 pm Pick Up: Children will be picked up at school at time the of dismissal usually at 3 pm. Afternoon pickup location will be at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church parking lot, 900 Main St, Brockton, MA 02301. Parents are required to pick up their children latest by 4:15 pm, and sign them out of the log. Lateness will be charged a fee of $15 per half hour. 

Donation & Support: Parents are asked to make a donation of $50 per week/per child to support the operation and maintenance of the Van. A donation should be made in advance of pick up time. Financial transaction will not be allowed at the point of transportation. Parents can opt-in to one of two payment plans.

  1. $100 for 2 weeks, due at the beginning of each cycle.
  2. $160 for 4 weeks, due at the beginning of each cycle.



  1. Our expectations for your conduct on the van are the same as our expectations for our Youth Brigade Programs.  
  2. The van will allow a grace period of 5 minutes before leaving without you. Please be mindful of others and strive to be on time.
  3. Taking care of your possessions is your responsibility.  Please do not leave your things in the van. Take care to not leave notebooks or homework assignments behind when you leave.
  4. Please take responsibility for the appearance of the van by using care when snacking to not spill, leave crumbs or wrappers.

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