Human Resources/Volunteers

Athletic coaches, Drill coaches, Drivers, Educators/facilitators for elementary and high school-aged groups, Hall monitors/security personnel, Logistics organizers, Mentors, Music teachers, Office help, Pastoral care counselors, Prayer intercessors, Special education certified teachers, Social Workers…

Food and Snack Supplies

Each week, we provide dinner to our members. Sometimes we order from Papa Gino’s, Subway or somewhere else. Other times, trusted volunteers make food and bring it to Brigade meetings. On still other occasions, members take part in a workshop during which they learn how to cook – and out of that comes a meal for the whole group.

Art and Craft Materials

Poster Board, Foam Board, Construction Paper, Easel Sized Art Paper, White Paper, Crayons, Markers (washable), Markers (black -chunky kind), Colored Pencils, Paints (tempera), Paints (water color), Paint Brushes, Pencils, Pens (different colors), School Glue (White), All Purpose Craft Clue (clear), Safe Scissors (20-30 pairs), Tape (clear desk), Tape (masking), Tape (duct), String (all purpose), Sequins, Glitter, Yarn (various colors), Pompoms, Wooden Popsicle sticks, Foam shapes, Colored felt…

People With Special Skills

Teachers, Special needs teachers, Magicians, Athletes / sports coaches, College admissions counselors, Tour guides, Historians, Bible scholars, Pastors, Comedians, Singers, Musicians… as you can see, any special talent you have can be put to use!