Girls Focused Program

Our Girls’ Brigade (Girls’ Focused) Program overlaps with the Abigails’ Girls and Women’s Project. Inspired by the vulnerability and courage of his own mother, Abigail Adefuye Sowale, Rev. Moses envisioned “The Abigails’ Project” to be a sacred space for the affirmation of women’s wisdom and the enrichment of girls and women of all ages, from cradle to grave. Our Girls’ Brigade Program consists of the first two stages of the Abigails’ Project: The Explorer Abigails (girls ages 5 through 11)  and The Curious Abigails (girls ages 12 through 18).



The goal of the Girls’ Brigade Program is to help girls become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and  — through self-control, reverence, and a sense of responsibility — to find true enrichment in life. In collaboration with the women’s organization of Grace Chapel Brockton and the women of the Abigails’ Project, our program supports and empowers girls from an early age,  encouraging them to know the Lord and to shine forth their light. Each girl in the program is assigned a mentor, who has been trained in the curriculum of non-anxious-presence. Our girls also have peers and partners of mutual respect and accountability.


Young Girls “Explorer Abigail’s”

Explorer Abigails support girls ages 5 through 9 to understand who they are and to help them become aware of their environment and the people in it while guiding them to make good decisions. The program centers around fun activities that allow young girls to blossom by building self-esteem, seeing mistakes as a way of learning, developing good values, deepening their relationship with God, valuing their family and community, staying healthy, and being an advocate for themselves while staying safe.


Teenage Girls “Curious Abigails”

Curious Abigails empower preteen and teenage girls, ages 10 through 18, to strengthen the belief in themselves, understand their purpose, work on their goals and support each other. This program is designed to have the girls select a few goals to work on throughout the year while being supported in the process. They will have access to a mentor and an accountability partner.

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