Boy’s Focused Program


We are in an age where, for many reasons, boys are struggling to understand the concept of manliness, and where many boys are seeking acceptance and belonging. Our Boys’ Focused Program is aimed at complementing the efforts of parents in guiding young boys to a happy, productive manhood. We help them grapple with the challenges of being a male in our modern world. The program incorporates fun activities that allow young boys to learn the concepts of self-esteem and that teach them to see mistakes as a way of learning. Our program encourages them to develop values while they deepen their relationship with God. We help them learn the value of family, staying healthy, and advocating for themselves while staying safe.

In collaboration with positive male role models and mentors in our community, our Boys’ Focused Program meets every second Saturday of the month, between the hours of noon and 2 p.m. We engage our boys in year-round conversations and workshops  on the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom, as well as the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, and self-respect. We help boys take personal responsibility and become aware of consequences of their decisions.

We have two groups: the Anchor Boys (ages 5 through 11), and Royal Teens (ages 12 through 18).


Anchor Boys

Anchor Boys supports boys ages 5 through 11, guiding them to understand who they are, helping them become aware of their environment and the people in it, while motivating them to make good decisions. The program revolves around fun activities that encourage boys to see mistakes as a way of learning, to build self-esteem, to value their families and community, to deepen their relationship with God, and to advocate for themselves while staying safe.


Teenage Boys “The Royals”

The objective of “The Royals”  is to empower preteens and teenage boys to strengthen their belief in themselves so they can understand their purpose, work on their goals, and support each other. This program is designed to have the boys select a few goals to work on throughout the year while being supported by the community. They will have access to a mentor and an accountability partner.




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