“Reaching out to the next generation”

Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade Brockton

Brigade Weekly Schedule

Meetings will begin again in late September 2016 on Saturdays from 12:00 noon until 2:00pm


1st Saturday

Bible-based lesson - 45 min
Snack - 25 min
Educational topic - 45min

2nd Saturday

Bible-based lesson - 45 min
Snack - 25 min
Brigade Knowlege - 45min
(Music, Drills, Badges)

3rd Saturday

Bible-based lesson - 45 min
Snack - 25 min
Social Skills - 45min

4th Saturday

Bible-based lesson - 45 min
Family-style lunch
Birthday celebrations


Special Saturdays
Field trips
Community Service

A new After School Program for youth will begin in January. Check back for further information.

Our after school program began in January of 2016, to allow Brigade members and their friends a safe and pleasant environment for them to do their homework and to have fun with friends. While at the program, they are able to meet with tutors who can help them with any troubles they are having with their schoolwork or other aspects of their lives.

We interrupted the program in March to focus on the lessons we learned and to restructure the program to better serve the young people in our care. We wanted the time to be not just enjoyable for each youth, but also enriching.  

To that end, the Brigade leadership team began meeting individually with the teens to create an Individualized Educational, Spiritual, and Social Program (IESSP) for each. The IESSP was envisioned by the Brigade's chaplain, Rev. Moses Sowale, based on his esperience with IEPs in special education settings. The aim to is to discern the particular needs of each child, work out a set of long-term goals, each accompanied by a set of short-term goals to act as steps on the path of fulfilling the long-term needs of the individual young person. In addition, the IESSP, created based on an interview with the teen, and then a discussion with the teen and his or her parent(s) or guardian(s), will serve as a guide to pair the student up with an effective mentor in each area.

We are planning to restart the after school program in January of 2017. If you would like to be part of this program, please contact us via the contact information listed in the "contact us" section of the site.


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