Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child

The cost of maintaining an office, doing mailings, paying our staff members, supplying uniforms, and providing transportation to our members is very high, and the registration fee does not cover our expenses. In addition, many of our members are unable to pay the fee at all. For that reason, we are always happy to accept donations.

Would you be willing to “Sponsor a Child”? This means contributing the registration fee for a Brigade member who cannot afford it (offering them a Brigade scholarship) and helping with some additional costs.

You can sponsor a child for any of our programs

  • $200 per month for the After-school Program
  • $50 per year for the Brigade Saturday Leadership Development, Field Trip and Life Skill Program.
  • $25 per session/per child for the Brigade Music Program. A child will need at least six sessions for a basic foundation of musical instrument learning.
  • $600 per child for summer camp.
  • $50 a day to feed 30 kids.