Moses Sowale – A Grace-filled Son, Friend, Husband, Father, Dreamer, Strategist, Companion, Pastor, Author, and Adventurous child of God.Moses Oyekunle Sowale is an adventurous theologian known for his big dreams, and a blend of creativity and spirituality. A life-long Anglican and churchman, product of Immanuel College of Theology Samonda Ibadan and a graduate of The University of Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria, Boston College, and the Episcopal Divinity School Cambridge, Massachusetts.As a result of his interest in using pastoral care to support the empowerment of women and youth, he founded The Voice Christian Center for Family Development, Pastoral Care and Counseling which is now officially registered as a faith-based nongovernmental organization called Fingerprint Pastoral Care and Counseling Center, Nigeria. Moses is the pioneer of the theology of uniqueness, teaching that equality can be achieved without the need for sameness. He authored his first book “The Mirror” in June 2020, and he is currently working on a life transforming curriculum called the IESSP (Identity, Educational, Spiritual and Social Plan). He strives to serve as a bridge between groups and individuals with differing points of view. His greatest goal in life is to be able to tell his stories in all of their glory and blemishes, thereby giving others permission to embrace their own stories as sacred and life-giving.

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