“Reaching out to the next generation”

Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade Brockton

Brigade Weekly Schedule

Meetings will begin again in late September 2016 on Saturdays from 12:00 noon until 2:00pm


1st Saturday

Bible-based lesson - 45 min
Snack - 25 min
Educational topic - 45min

2nd Saturday

Bible-based lesson - 45 min
Snack - 25 min
Brigade Knowlege - 45min
(Music, Drills, Badges)

3rd Saturday

Bible-based lesson - 45 min
Snack - 25 min
Social Skills - 45min

4th Saturday

Bible-based lesson - 45 min
Family-style lunch
Birthday celebrations


Special Saturdays
Field trips
Community Service

A new After School Program for youth will begin in January. Check back for further information.

The Boys' and Girls' Brigade Brockton was established in 2011 by Rev. Dr. Moses Sowale as an outreach youth ministry of Grace Chapel Episcopal/Anglican Church. The  Brigade program is a part of Grace Chapel, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, and is building partnerships with local churches and community organizations.

The Boys' Brigade was originally founded in Glasgow by Sir William Alexander Smith on 4 October 1883 to develop Christian manliness by the use of a semi-military discipline and order, gymnastics, summer camps and religious services and classes. By 1910, there were about 2200 companies connected with different churches throughout the United Kingdom, the British Empire and the United States, with 10,000 officers and 100,000 boys. In May 1903, Robert Baden-Powell became vice-president.

Robert Baden-Powell who as Vice President of the Boys' Brigade used it alongside initiatives in schools, particularly Eton, to promote the idea of scouting and outdoor pursuits based on those of the military for boys. This was done with an experimental camp on Brownsea Island Scout camp with the Boys from Eton College, together with members of the Bournemouth & Poole Battalion of The Boys' Brigade. At the time, he did not originally intend that any individual organization would later arise from this aim in the form of the various Scouting movements.

Scouting badges (Silver & Gold) were awarded in The Boys' Brigade and there were specialised Boys' Brigade Scout sections, which operated as part of a BB Company, but met at different times, who wore a blue uniform with shorts and the distinctive Smokey Bear hat traditionally identified with Scouts. However, nowadays there is a certain friendly rivalry between the two groups. Two of the Original Boys' Brigade Scout units still exist in the names of 1st Parkstone Scout Group and 1st Hamworthy Scout Group, both formerly sub units of the 1st Poole Boys Brigade.

The 1st Bournemouth Scout Group which was run by the 1st Bournemouth Boys' Brigade was in fact a 'BP' Scout Group and never a 'BB Scout 'Section'.

In October 1926 the Boys' Brigade united with The Boys' Life Brigade. The merger also prompted the abandonment of dummy drill rifles that had been used in The Boys' Brigade, due to the Life Brigade's objection to use of weapons or their representations. The Junior organization of the Boys' Brigade prior to 1926 was called 'The Boy Reserves' but after amalgamation the juniors were called 'The Life Boys'. The name came from the fact that the junior reserve of The Boys' Life Brigade had been known as 'Lifeboys' (all one word). The Life Boys remained as the 'Junior Reserve of the Boys' Brigade until 1966 when the name was changed to 'The Junior Section'.

The Boys' Life Brigade (1899) was one of many similar movements formed as 'clones' of the Boys' Brigade. The BLB was formed by the National Sunday School Union (Pacifist). Others included the Church Lads' Brigade (1891, Anglican), the Jewish Lads' Brigade (1895) and the Catholic Boys' Brigade (1894). There were many more smaller Brigades in other denominations and even some in individual churches


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