“Reaching out to the next generation”

Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade Brockton

Brigade Weekly Schedule

Meetings will begin again in late September 2016 on Saturdays from 12:00 noon until 2:00pm


1st Saturday

Bible-based lesson - 45 min
Snack - 25 min
Educational topic - 45min

2nd Saturday

Bible-based lesson - 45 min
Snack - 25 min
Brigade Knowlege - 45min
(Music, Drills, Badges)

3rd Saturday

Bible-based lesson - 45 min
Snack - 25 min
Social Skills - 45min

4th Saturday

Bible-based lesson - 45 min
Family-style lunch
Birthday celebrations


Special Saturdays
Field trips
Community Service

A new After School Program for youth will begin in January. Check back for further information.

Spirituality: The first half of our meetings is spent on centering and building solid, practical faith foundation. Through listening and discernment, we help each child to discover the power of God within him- or herself and how to relate to and be empowered by this great resource. We achieve this through a curriculum that is based on the day-to-day lived experiences of young people in Brockton.

Discipline: The second pillar of the brigade is discipline. Through the wearing of uniforms, discussion, sports, and marching band, children are sensitized to the importance of awareness, mindfulness and being at alert to self and others.

Individual Spiritual & Social Plan (ISSP): With the help of parent and teachers, we develop an ISSP for each child; this enable us to serve the uniqueness of every child in our program.

Challenges: No child is fundamentally bad. We make use of every negative behaviour observed at our meeting as an opportunity to explore and help undo learned behaviors that, if left unchecked, can cause a child to lose his or her way in life. We also help kids to see challenges as an opportunity to grow and not something to fear.

We help Children Claim Who They Are: Through the use of intentional listening, motivational speeches, seminars, workshops, interactive online tools, prayers, storytelling, faith sharing, counselling, thought processing, self-awareness, a platform for venting, safe space for the free expression of joy and pain, we help kids to claim their weaknesses and strength.

We wear a Uniform: The Brigade is a uniformed organization and we have different kinds of uniform for different occasion. We wear our Brigade shirt for our regular Saturday meetings; this encourages the spirit of unity and humility, as well as equality. The need to wear a neat uniform every Saturday also instills discipline and encourages a sense of ownership and responsibility.

We Celebrate: Birthday celebration is a big thing at our brigade program; hence we celebrate the birth of all children born in each month on the last Saturday of the Month. Parents and family members are welcome to donate food and drinks towards their children's birthday celebration.

Marching Band: Most children love music, especially the marching band. We are in the process of hiring a music teacher to help re-start our marching band program, which members have loved and are looking forward to.

After School Mentoring & Tutoring Program: Our after School program will begin in January 2017. This will allow kids a place to do and get help with homework, and also have fun with friends.


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